Commercial Roofing

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We provide cool roofing solutions to protect your business from the elements and extend the life of your roof.

Our reputation as one of the St. Louis’ leading cool roofing contractors is based on over 25 years of experience.

Polyurethane Foam & Coatings

acrylic-elastomeric-roof-coating-closed-cell-insulationR&A Contracting uses¬†total free dating sites‘ FOAM-LOK Spray Foam technology, one of the leading solutions in commercial cool roofing services. FOAM-LOK creates a monolithic membrane designed to cover virtually any surface, shape, or substrate. It reduces the need for flashing and additional weatherproofing measures by conforming to its target area. FOAM-LOK is also Energy Star compliant and limits wind uplift due to its bonding cell structure.

FOAM-LOK’s Thermo-Flex 100%¬†elastomeric coatings also boast the highest return of any roofing solution. The coating acts as a secondary waterproofing solution and reflects UV impact to lower energy costs. With standard maintenance and routine elastomeric re-coatings, FOAM-LOK promises an indefinite life expectancy for your roof.

Asphalt Cool Roof Restoration

Asphalt roofing loses its value quicker than most commercial roofing solutions. Our Asphalt Cool Roof Restoration process stops further roof deterioration, reduces future maintenance costs, increases energy efficiency, and helps prolong HVAC lifespans. The restoration process provides a weather-resistant protective coating over the asphalt and extends the life of the roof.

Metal Cool Roof Restoration

Our Metal Cool Roof Restoration process is based on over 30 years of standard-setting excellence. Metal cool roof restoration highly reduces the effect of rust and weather with over 80 mils of seamless protection. We use polyurethane roof sealant to seal seams, fasteners, and exposed openings and adapt to temperature extremes while reducing energy costs.

Single-Ply Cool Roof Restoration

Single-ply roofing membranes are some of the more maintenance-demanding choices for commercial roofing. Weather and temperature extremes regularly cause system leakage in many EPDM and CSPE systems. Thermoplastic membranes, such as PVC and CPE, have shown plasticization and UV instability as the membranes age.

Our single-ply cool roof restoration process starts with clearing the existing system of chalk, debris, and dirt. The application repair seals exposed damage and openings, strengthens the existing membranes, and significantly reduces the deterioration process.